This site was borne out of frustration from the victim blaming that followed a series of tragic cycling incidents. People seem to just see cyclists as a homogenous group rather than as individual people with their own lives and backstories who just happen to be using a bike as a way to get from A to B.

Would people continue to say ‘serves them right’ if they saw the family that is connected to the cyclist who would mourn their loss? What if they found out that the cyclist was a leading scientist just about to discover a cure for a disease that they happen to have?

I wanted to find out and share the stories of these cyclists, concentrating not on the fact that they cycle but everything about them – their lives, their achievements, their hopes, their dreams, the people who love them.

If you are a cyclist or a person who just happens to ride a bike occasionally and want to share your story and bring an end to victim blaming, email iamacyclist@outlook.com


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Sharing the stories of people who ride bikes. We are human.

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